Cumberland FTC trial results

Congrats to the winners of the Cumberland FTC Amateur Trial! The club would like to thank Judges Jeff Blackwell and Shane Duckworth for their time and attention. The last brace of the Amateur Shooting Dog Stakes was suspended at 15 minutes and was not completed. We ask that everyone pray for a healthy recovery for Courtney Henley as she heals from the injuries sustained during a horse riding accident. 🙏🙏🙏

The club is very appreciative of the sponsorship provided by Purina. #purinaproplan #proplansportingdogs #aftca #ukcdogs #dogsthatdomore #region6aftca #fieldtrials #birddog #huntandfieldtrials #huntandfield #huntdog #sportingdog #gundogs #fieldtrialdogs

Amateur Derby
1st Place – Shepherd’s Black Bull, o/h
Ronnie Rogers

2nd Place – Nickajack Big Country, o/h
Ross Leonard

3rd Place – Cloverdale’s TN Winston, o/h Ben Weddington

(Photo attached)

Amateur Shooting Dogs

1st Place – Cocklebur Breaking Bad, o/h Bubba Spencer

2nd Place – Nickajack Pathfinder, o/h Ross Leonard

3rd Place – Painted Blackhawk Sadie, o/h Arnold Hall

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