Region 6 Field Trial

Southern Circuit FTC Drawing

The Southern Circuit Amateur Trial will start Saturday at Percy Priest with the Derby stakes. The Shooting Dog stakes is scheduled to run Saturday afternoon through Sunday.

Southern Comfort FTC Amateur Trial drawing

trial begins Saturday with the Shooting Dog stake.

Carroll County FTC Amateur Trial

The trial begins Thursday morning, Nov. 14th, with the Shooting Dog stake.

Como FTC Amateur Results


1st- Phillips Offline

Mike Small

2nd- Hendrix’s Touch Up

Burke Hendrix

3rd- Rebel Maiden

David Williams


1st-Coldwater Paradise

Gary McKibben

2nd-Burch’s Sundrop

Jonathan Burch


Marion Brown

Shooting Dog

1st- Game On

Kent Walker

2nd-Swift Justice

Brad Kennedy


Burl Hicks

Congrats to the winners!

Como Amateur FtC Drawing

The trial will start with Shooting Dog Stake Thursday at 1 pm.

Carroll County FTC Amateur Trial

The Carroll County FTC Amateur Trial drawing will be on Tuesday, November 12th. Mail or phone entries to David Williams or Gary McKibben.

Hell Creek FTC Amateur Trial winners

Jimmy Dale Downs Memorial Shooting Dog stake winners are pictured

Mid-State FTC Amateur Shooting Dog winners