Region 6 Field Trial

West TN Amateur Trial Drawing

The West TN amateur trail starts Thursday, January 10 at 12 pm with the Shooting Dog. The All-Age will start Friday morning and Derby will start Sunday morning.

west tn sd

west tn aa

west tn derby

Ames Amateur Drawing

Due to forecasted thunderstorms on Monday the trial will begin Tuesday January 1, 2019 at 8am.

Region 6 SD Championship

The Region 6 Shooting Dog Championship begins Thursday, January 3rd at Camp Robinson in Conway, AR.

Memphis Amateur Drawing

Memphis Amateur starts Saturday 8am with the Shooting Dog followed by the All-Age and Derby.

Region 6 Amateur All-Age Drawing

Region 6 Amateur All-Age Drawing

Starts THURSDAY AT 12:00 PM with braces 1-4 running. Brace 5 will start Friday morning at 8 am.

There will be a dinner Friday and Saturday with
A silent auction on Saturday night.

Alabama Amateur Drawing

Alabama Amateur All-Age starts Friday at 8 am followed by the Shooting Dog.

There will NOT be a derby.

Carroll County Amateur Drawing

Trial starts at 9 am on Thursday with the Shooting Dog followed by the All-Age, and Derby.