Region 6 Field Trial

Region 6 All-Age CH change of venue

Due to a scheduling conflict at Hell Creek WMA, the Region 6 All-Age Championship (starting December 8) is being moved to the Carroll County grounds in Huntingdon, TN. Entries are to be made to Angie Williams by phone (850)258-9409 or email at

Carroll County Amateur 

The Carroll County Amateur trial starts Saturday at 8AM with the Shooting Dog followed by the All Age and Derby.

American Quail Open All Age Classic Postponed

We regret to inform everyone that we are canceling the trial this weekend. Military officials have declined to release the grounds. We begin this process in April of each year, but the grounds are solely at the mercy of military training. Thank you to everyone that was willing to participate! We will evaluate the dates for a reschedule when we receive official confirmation to use the grounds.

Hell Creek Amateur drawing

Hell Creek Amateur trial starts Saturday @ 10AM with the All Age, followed by the Derby, and Shooting Dog.

2016-2017 Field Trial Schedule

2016-2017 Reg 6 Calendar.jpg

For a printer friendly version click here 2016-2017-reg-6-calendar

Region 6 Awards Banquet

Region 6 conducted it’s 2015/2016 year end meeting and awards banquet at the Bird Dog Museum on May 20th, 2016. Meeting started at 10:00 with the awards at a lunch banquet followed by the Region 6 meeting at 1:00.

In an effort to reduce cost and increase attendance the officers of the Mid South Field Trial Association and Region 6 decided to try a lunch time gathering this year. It was a success!!!! Attendance was much better and the midday timing allowed for those who have a lengthy travel time to get home at a safe time. A fried catfish lunch with all the trimmings was sponsored by Brad Kennedy and Sportsman Pride. During lunch the awards program was under way. The dog that won the Mid South All Age dog of the year won in Region 6 as well. This held true for Shooting Dog and Derby of the year categories well.

With 820 Region 6 points and 221 Mid South points, Earl Connolly and Lester’s Sky Jam, call name Mike took home the All Age awards for both Region 6 and Mid South. Mike is a 7 year old English Pointer out of Lester’s Snowatch and Logo White Lily.

Second goes to Dr. Fred Corder with Caladen’s Rail Hawk with 360 Region 6 points and 180 Mid South points

Shearjoy’s Big Money better known as Ben kept a steady winning pace this year to rack up 306 Region 6 points and 153 Mid South points in the Shooting Dog arena. Ben is a 4 year old English Setter owned and handled by Betty Shearouse. Ben is out of High Ground Jax Jabba and Prodigy’s High Anxiety.

Second place Shooting Dog for Region 6 went to Panther Creek Jackson for handler Frank Rutland. Hollywood Honey for owner/handler Edmund James took home 2nd in the Mid South.

Mac Conyers took home Derby of the year awards for both Mid South and Region 6 with Mac’s High Heat. This 2 year old English Pointer is out of Mac’s No Doubt and Pearidge Kate. Mac’s High Heat had 56 points in both Region 6 and the Mid South.

2nd place derby was Country Rose with Edmund James. Rose had 52 points.

This year’s Sportsman of the Year award went to Michael Garner. This wonderful young man has been a tremendous asset to both Region 6 and the Mid South. Michael is always helpful and is tireless in his effort to assist anyone he can. It is many in the Region’s desire to see this fine young man running a dog some day!


20th Century Fund Donation


Essential Data Forms

ALL ESSENTIAL DATA FORMS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MAY 1ST!  Any forms received after that date will NOT be counted toward points.

AFTCA Membership Number

Just a friendly reminder that everyone MUST have a AFTCA membership number now.  The American Field or AFTCA will not a recognize a placement without a AFTCA member number.


Region 6 would like to express gratitude to Brad Kennedy and Sportsman’s Pride Dog Food for their unwavering support. Their generous sponsorship made this Championship a quality field trial by providing dog food and catering the fish fry.

Sportsman pride