Post Field Trial Paperwork

Region 6 would like to remind all clubs that completed field trial paperwork needs to be submitted as soon as possible. The American Field wants paperwork within 30 days following the completion of a trial.  Paperwork submitted after 90 days receives limited coverage and paperwork submitted after 180 days will not be recognized.

Following is a list of what needs to be submitted and to whom

American Field:

  • Essential Data Forms with AFTCA handler numbers
  • Neatly prepared trial synopsis write-up
  • Submit to


  • Essential Data Forms needs to be submitted online at

Purina Points

  • Shooting Dog points need to be submitted to Mike Luebke at
  • All-Age points needs to be submitted to the American Field

Region 6

  • Essential Data forms (with AFTCA handler numbers) need to be submitted as soon as possible for regional and/or mid south points calculation to

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in disciplinary action.

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