Purina Awards Committee Meeting

Here is an excerpt from the American Field. Below are the posted Purinia Committee Meeting. Posted in the online American Field August 5, 2017.  

Purina Awards Committee Meeting

At approximately 3:30 p. m. Thursday afternoon, June 22, the Purina Awards Committee meeting was called to order by Chairman Sean Derrig in the conference
room at the The Thoroughbred Center, Lexington, Ky.

Committee members present were: Sean Derrig, Torben Hansen, Mike Husenits, Dwight Smith, Rick Stallings, and corresponding secretary Mark Johnson. Also in
attendance were representatives from Nestlé Purina: Messrs. Greg Blair and Karl Gunzer. The American Field Publishing Company was represented by Messrs. Bernard J. Matthys and Bernard B. Matthys. Absent was committee member Freddie Epp.

Mr. Derrig opened the meeting with introductions and an overview of his discussion with Mr. Epp who had previously advised that he would not be attending
this year’s meeting for personal reasons. Mr. Epp also indicated that his future participation would most likely be limited. Mr. Derrig then reviewed the policy of this committee to remain closed due to the confidential nature of individual club business as
it pertains to Purina points applications and their business, as well as maintenance of an overall privacy protocol.

Nearly three (3) dozen agenda items were reviewed including: a package submitted by shooting dog points tabulator Mike Luebke, 20+ club applications for points
consideration as well as requests for changes in management and/or changes in venue.

Additionally a bonus points review was carefully considered along with a discussion and ratification of the 16-dog minimum requirement.

For the coming season, Purina Bonus points shall be awarded to the winners at following Championships:

Continental Championship — 300

National Championship — 500

National Free-for-All Chmp — 300

Quail Chmp Invitational — 300

(180 to runner-up if named)

Southern Championship — 250

Winner of the International Endurance Shooting Dog Championship shall receive 100 bonus points.

New forms to be used for clubs applying for Purina Points consideration and a change in venue request were reviewed and approved.

Considerable discussion occurred concerning Purina Points reporting protocol in light of the number of clubs which did not report results for the 2016-2017
seasons. Special notices on this will appear in The American Field periodically during the coming season reminding all to report trial results in a timely manner and to whom. A time limitation for clubs to report was established at 45 days from the last day
the event was run to ensure that published results are up to date and current for all contestants to see. Trials reported later than 45 days will lose consideration for Purina points recognition.

Each of the above topics, including individual club applications, will be handled one on one by the committee, or as an individually addressed item published
in The American Field.

As touched upon earlier, the Committee revisited their concern in the shortfall of clubs reporting (to Mr. Luebke) and in particular for Amateur Shooting
Dog trials/championships during this past season. Open Shooting Dog reporting, also to Mr. Luebke, did not reflect the same degree of shortfall.

Reporting of All-Age points results, both amateur and open, to The American Field is running smoothly.

The committee carefully discussed and remained staunch in its view: “That along with being granted Purina Points status a club or championship also assumes
the obligation and responsibility for the smooth running and timely reporting of event results.” This includes reporting that a trial was not held (for whatever reason) and reporting of trials that attracted less than 16 dogs. Failure to report such information
will seriously jeopardize the club’s privilege as a Purina Points trial.

The committee ratified that for the upcoming 2017-2018 season Purina Points must be reported in the same fashion as last year. Open and Amateur All-Age trials
will continue to be reported to The American Field using the Form for Essential Data. Open and Amateur Shooting Dog trials will be reported to The American Field in the normal fashion and must ALSO be reported (via a scanned, picture text message, or mailed
copy of the Form for Essential Data) to Purina Points tabulator Mike Luebke.

AFTCA member club stakes/championships must further be reported to Ms. Piper Huffman for appropriate consideration and recording.

Summary comments were provided by The Chair and by Purina regarding the awards program and management of same going forward. The meeting was adjourned at
approximately 7:35 p. m.

Respectfully Submitted, 
Mark N. Johnson  Purina Points Committee 
Recording Secy.

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