Requested Amendments to Constitution and By-Laws

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The following amendments have been suggested for your consideration and will be voted on by the attendees at the annual meeting on May 22nd – 

1. Requested Amendment to the Region 6 AFTCA Constitution, Article IV Meetings, Section 1. The annual meeting shall be 2nd or 3rd Saturday in June. 

Proposed by Lisa Little to change the month from June to May. 

2. Requested Amendment to the Region 6 AFTCA By-Laws, Article IV, Section 2. 

Proposed by Amy Spencer to add the following: All clubs that participate in Region 6 points held in Region 6 must post the club advertisement with the American Field and provide a copy of the ad to the Region 6 Secretary. The secretary will publish the ad on the regional webpage. In addition, trials must provide a copy of the drawing to the Region 6 Secretary, which will be posted to the webpage and Facebook page. Finally, results must be sent to the Region 6 secretary and will be posted to the Facebook page. Failure to do so would result in the points not counting for Dog of the Year. All cancellations, postponements, or additions of field trials within Region 6 must be reported to the secretary to notify all members.


Lisa C. Little, Secretary
Region 6 AFTCA

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