Region 6 Shooting Dog Championship winners

Comgrats to the winners of the 2022 Region 6 Shooting Dog Championship

Champion – Lawless Speck, owner/handler Jim Lawless (picture below by Vera Kingery Courtney)

RU- Dragonfly, owner/handler Jim Hughes

Neither dog was present at the time of the judges announcement.
Region 6 would like to thank our judges Alan Atkins and Brad Kennedy for their time and attention to each contestant. We would also like to thank Sportsman’s Pride for their generous sponsorship of the championship. Special acknowledgements to stake manager, Jeremy Taylor (Jeremy Tammy Taylor), marshalls Joe Hughes Sr., Mike Jackson, Kent Walker, and Jeremy Taylor, and dog wagon drivers/cook Tessa Hughes. We had a fantastic Italian meal provided by the families of Brian Peterson and Lance Servais. Hell Creek FTC provided hats to each handler, Amy Spencer of Cocklebur Farms was contributes her time and talents in the design of the hat. The inclement weather didn’t keep us from having a great trial!

2022 Region 6 Shooting Dog Champion Lawless Speck

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