Marshall County FTC Amateur Trial results

Congrats to the winners of the Marshall Co. FTC Amateur Trial:

Amateur Shooting Dog stake:
1st – Shearjoy’s Smooth As Silk, o/h Betty Shearouse
2nd – Cocklebur Ice Bear, o/h Bubba Spencer
3rd – Cocklebur Breaking Bad, o/h Bubba Spencer

Amateur Marshall All-Age stake:
1st – Misty Morn Masked Man, o/h Joey McAlexander
2nd – Coldwater Paradise, o/ Gary McKibben
3rd – Rebel Dreams, o/h David Williams

Amateur Derby stake:
1st – Game Cake, o/h Fred Corder
2nd – Small’s Five Star, o/h Mike Small
3rd – Game Mode, o/h Fred Corder

A special thanks os extended to Sportsman’s Pride for their sponsorship of this trial! #SportsmansPride #aftca #ukcdogs #dogsthatdomore #region6aftca #fieldtrials #birddog

Amateur Shooting Dog winner Shearjoy’s Smooth As Silk with owner Betty Shearouse
Amateur All-Age winner Misty Morn Masked Man with owners Elise, Bobby, & Joey McAlexander, and Jonathan Burch

Amatuer Derby winners: 1st – Game Cake and 3rd Game Mode with owner Fred Corder

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