Southern Comfort Horseback FTC results

Congrats to the winners of the Southern Comfort Horseback FTC. We would like to thank Doug Ray and Derek Layne for judging the Amateur Stakes. (no pictures provided)

Amateur Shooting Dog winners:
1st – Miller’s Cover Girl, o/h Fran and Jack Miller
2nd – Gentry’s Gus, o-Jimmy Gentry, h- Taylor Henley
3rd – Miller’s Upgraded Version, o/h Fran and Jack Miller

Amatuer Derby stake was a clean sweep for handler Fran Miller:
1st – Miller’s Upgraded Design, o- Allen Linder
2nd – Miller’s Promotional Upgrade, o- Fran & Jack Miller
3rd – Miller’s Little Deuce Coupe, o- Fran & Jack Miller

We would like to express our gratitude to Sportsman’s Pride for their sponsorship of this trial. #SportsmansPride #aftca #ukcdogs #dogsthatdomore #region6aftca #fieldtrials #birddog

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