Clarksville Bird Dog Amateur All-Age results

Congrats to the winners of the Clarksville Bird Dog Amateur All-Age stake:

1st – Rebel Survivor, o/h David Williams
2nd- Small’s White Charger, o/h Mike Small
3rd – Coldwater Paradise, o/h Gary McKibben

We are very appreciative of our judges Chris Sellers and Keith St. John for their time and attentiveness to each competitor. We are also truly grateful to David Williams and family for the use of the grounds and facilities. We are blessed to have a great gem of dog wagon drivers in John Burrow, Lebob Stanfill, and Dan Warrick, plus marshaling and scouting by Michelle Clark and Phillip Barnett. A special thanks to Sportsman’s Pride for their sponsorship. #SportsmansPride #aftca #ukcdogs #dogsthatdomore #region6aftca #fieldtrials #birddog

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