Memphis Amateur Field Trial Results

Congrats to the winners of this weekend Memphis Amateur Field Trial held at Hell Creek WMA, Blue Mountain, MS

Memphis Amateur Shooting Dog
Judges Brody Byrd and Gary McKibben

  1. Lester’s Top Recruit-Lance Servais
  2. Cocklebur Breaking Bad- Bubba Spencer
  3. Taylor’s Simply Southern- Jeremy Taylor

Memphis Amateur All-Age
Judges: Brody Byrd and David Russell

  1. Phillip’s Linebacker- Mike Small
  2. Coldwater Paradise- Gary McKibben
  3. Misty Morn Masked Man- Joey McAlexander

Memphis Amateur Derby
Judges: Brody Byrd and Scott Beeler

  1. Haney’s Hurricane Seeker- David Russell
  2. Rebel Maid- David Williams
  3. Red Alert Lane- Brian Peterson

We are appreciative of oir Judge Scott Beeler, Brody Byrd, Gary McKibben, and David Russell for their time and attention to each competitor. A special thanks to Sportsman’s Pride for their continued support and sponsorship of the Region 6 amateur trials. #SportsmansPride #aftca #ukcdogs #dogsthatdomore #region6aftca #fieldtrials #birddog #huntandfieldtrials #huntandfield #huntdog #sportingdog #gundogs #fieldtrialdogs

Amateur All-Age winners photo
Amateur Shooting Dog winners photo
Amateur Derby winners photo
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