Region 6 Field Trial

Sportsman Of The Year award

We are looking for our annual Sportsman Of The Year for the 2016-2017 season! If anyone has a suggestion, please email your vote to Tessa Hughes at
Deadline is May 5th.

Essential Data Forms

All Essential Data forms must be submitted to Region 6 by April 30. Any paperwork submitted after that date will NOT be calculated for Dog of the Year points!

Essential Data Forms

ARKANSAS CLUBS – We need your essential data forms! If your club has hosted a field trial then please submit your Essential Data forms to

Carroll Co Amateur Drawing 

Carroll Co Amateur 

Starts Friday at 1PM with the Shooting Dog followed by the All Age and Derby.

Lynn Taylor Open All Age and Derby Drawing 

Starts February 25

Carroll County Amateur trial rescheduled

The Carroll County trial that was scheduled for November 17 has been RESCHEDULED for March 16-19.  The Fayette Co trial that was scheduled for March 16-19 has been replaced with the Carroll County trial.  Please see original ad for details on the trial.

Woodlawn Amateur Drawing

Woodlawn Amateur FTC

Feb. 17 – 20, 2017
Amateur All-Age Stake
Judges: Bill Suiter and Scott Little

Friday, 1:00 pm

1A Lam’s Highline                     PM      J. Lam
1B Towery’s Unbridled Spirit     PM      S. Towery

2A Lam’s Long Shot                  PM      J. Lam
2B RW Betty Boop                    PF       R. Watson

Saturday morning,  7:30 am

3A Crouse’s Samuri Warrior      PM      M. Crouse
3B Small’s Strait Up                   PM      M. Small

4A Touch’s Fire Dancer             PF       K. Wright
4B Rebel Pride                          PM      D. Williams

5A Crouse’s Zippidy Do            PM       M. Schalk
5B Touch’s Knight Rider           PM       K. Wright

Saturday afternoon

6A Lester’s Ritz                        PM       D. Bonner
6B Touch’s Indiana Joan          PF        K. Wright

7A Dialed In                              PF       W. Dunn
7B Small’s White Stryker          PM      M. Small

8A Reloaded                             PM      W. Dunn
8B Touch’s Smooth Rider         PM      K. Wright

9A Miller’s Martha White            PF      D. Bonner

Open Derby Stake
Judges: Ross and Caroline Leonard

Sunday Morning, 7:30 am

1A True                                    PM     W. Dunn
1B Crouse’s Equalizer             PM     M. Crouse

2A Lady                                    PF     W. Dunn
2B Pleasant Run Gal               PF      D. Hendricks

3A Pete’s Greystone Luke       PM     P. Glass
3B Crouse’s Millwood Bill        PM     M. Schalk

4A Warioto’s Crazy Daisy        PF      S. Little
4B Ike                                      PM     W. Dunn

5A Jack                                    PM     W. Dunn
5B Crouse’s Oak Heights        SM      M. Crouse

6A Crouse’s Dot Dot Dot          PF      M. Schalk
6B Sun Crest Hot Jill                PF      B. Suiter

7A Misty Morn Masked Man     PM     J. McAlexander
7B Pleasant Run Bob               PM     D. Hendricks

Amatuer Shooting Dog Stake
Judges: Betty Shearouse and Roger Watson

Sunday afternoon

1A Crouse’s Zippidy Do            PM    M. Crouse
1B Sue                                      PF     J. Gentry

2A Seek A Thrill                        PM    R. Leonard
2B Sun Crest Showgirl             PF     B. Suiter

3A Iron and Oak                       SM    R. Leonard
3B Sally                                    PF     J. Gentry

Monday Morning
4A Shag Time Bobo                 SM     C. Cagle
4B High Drive Rebel                PM     B. Morrison

5A Windy Hill War Creek         PF      B. Morrison
5B Lolita                                  SF      S. Little

6A Shag Time Scout               SM     C. Cagle
6B Warioto’s Crazy Daisy       PF      S. Little

Cedar Hill Amateur Drawing

Starts Friday, February 10th @ 8AM

Judges: Brian Hodges and Burl Hicks- SD and AA

Alabama Open All Age CH drawing 

​Starts February 4th at 8 AM

Volunteer State drawing