Region 6 Field Trial

Cedar Hill Amateur Drawing

Starts Friday, February 10th @ 8AM

Judges: Brian Hodges and Burl Hicks- SD and AA

Alabama Open All Age CH drawing 

​Starts February 4th at 8 AM

Volunteer State drawing

Memphis Amateur Drawing 

Mid-South Drawing

Mid-South and Memphis Amateur trials

​JUST A HEADS UP– The Mid-South Field Trial Shooting Dog stake will start Wednesday morning followed by the Derby and All Age. The Derbies will also run Wednesday.  The drawing is tonight but due to the large amount of entries we will start Wednesday morning.
Drawing will be posted tonight.
Remember this is a “double header” trial. The Mid-South and Memphis trials are being run back to back.

Region 6 Shooting Dog Championship 

CH Rebel Patriot – David Williams 
RU Touch’s Two Step – John Burrow

Region 6 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship drawing 

Starts Friday, January 20 at 1 PM. 

Dinner Saturday night.

Region 6 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

Just a friendly reminder that the drawing for the Region 6 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship is Tuesday, January 17 at 7:00 PM. Call Angie Williams at 850-258-9409 to enter.

TN Open Shooting Dog Championship drawing