Region 6 Field Trial

Montgomery County FTC Running Order

​Montgomery County Field Trial Club 

December 16 – 17, 2016

Fort Campbell, Ky 

Outdoor Recreation Area
Friday, December 16th, 8:00 am start

Morning Sessions
Amateur Shooting Dog Stake

Judges: Betty Shearouse & Roger Watson
1A Warioto’s Crazy Daisy PF S. Little

1B High Drive Rebel PM B. Morrison 
2A Hawk’s Sun Crest Belle PF-IS S. Little

2B Pleasant Run Jillian         PF P. Glass
3A Sun Crest Showgirl        PF B. Suiter 

3B High Drive Addition          PF  B. Burgess
Afternoon Sessions
4A Lolita       SF S. Little

4B Windy Hill Ear Creek       PF B. Morrison
Amateur All-Age Stake

Judges: Scott Little & Betty Shearouse
1A Rebel Pirate PM  D. Williams

1B Pleasant Run Gal PF D. Hendricks
2A Rebel Pride        PM D. Williams

2B Betty Boop        PF R. Watson 
Saturday, December 17th, 8:00 am start

continuing the Amatuer All-Age Stake 
Morning Sessions
3A Nosam’s Madame Secretary PF M. Ashburn

3B Touch’s Smooth Rider PM K. Wright
4A Pleasant Run Bob PM D. Hendricks

4B Touch’s Knight Rider         PM K. Wright
5A Nosam’s Rainmaker         PM M. Ashburn

5B Pleasant Run Sam         PM D. Hendricks
Afternoon Sessions
6A Touch’s Indiana Joan         PF K. Wright

6B Dialed In         PF H. Pendergest
7A Touch’s Firedancer         PM K. Wright

7B Reloaded        PM H. Pendergest
8A Pete’s Greystone Luke PM  P. Glass

8B Sun Crest Showgirl         PF B. Suiter

Memphis Amateur trial cancelled this weekend

The Memphis Amateur trial that was scheduled to run this weekend (December 15-18) has been cancelled due to weather. The trial will be rescheduled for the weekend of January 26 and will be run back to back with the Mid-South Amateur trial.

Tennessee Valley FTC drawing 

Region 6 Amateur All-Age Championship drawing

​The Region 6 Amateur All-Age Championship will start Thursday Dec 8th at 1:00.

Post Field Trial Paperwork

Region 6 would like to remind all clubs that completed field trial paperwork needs to be submitted as soon as possible. The American Field wants paperwork within 30 days following the completion of a trial.  Paperwork submitted after 90 days receives limited coverage and paperwork submitted after 180 days will not be recognized.

Following is a list of what needs to be submitted and to whom

American Field:

  • Essential Data Forms with AFTCA handler numbers
  • Neatly prepared trial synopsis write-up
  • Submit to


  • Essential Data Forms needs to be submitted online at

Purina Points

  • Shooting Dog points need to be submitted to Mike Luebke at
  • All-Age points needs to be submitted to the American Field

Region 6

  • Essential Data forms (with AFTCA handler numbers) need to be submitted as soon as possible for regional and/or mid south points calculation to

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in disciplinary action.

Alabama Amateur 

​The Alabama Amateur starts Friday @ 8AM with the All Age followed by the Derby and Shooting Dog.

Carroll County Grounds

We’ve had a few questions about the Carroll County grounds. The grounds are located 6 miles east of Huntingdon, TN, near Buena Vista. From Hwy 22 Bypass, go east on Buena Vista Rd 4.5 miles. Turn South on Smyrna Rd 1.4 miles to headquarters.  
The closest hotel is the Heritage Inn (731-986-2281) in Huntingdon. The have a special field trial rate for $63.

Region 6 All-Age CH change of venue

Due to a scheduling conflict at Hell Creek WMA, the Region 6 All-Age Championship (starting December 8) is being moved to the Carroll County grounds in Huntingdon, TN. Entries are to be made to Angie Williams by phone (850)258-9409 or email at

Carroll County Amateur 

The Carroll County Amateur trial starts Saturday at 8AM with the Shooting Dog followed by the All Age and Derby.

American Quail Open All Age Classic Postponed

We regret to inform everyone that we are canceling the trial this weekend. Military officials have declined to release the grounds. We begin this process in April of each year, but the grounds are solely at the mercy of military training. Thank you to everyone that was willing to participate! We will evaluate the dates for a reschedule when we receive official confirmation to use the grounds.