Region 6 Field Trial

Memphis Amateur FTC drawing info

The Memphis Amateur FTC drawing will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 12th at 7 pm. Please contact Kent Walker with your entries

Region 6 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship Drawing info

The Region 6 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship drawing will be on Monday, Jan. 11th at 7 pm.

Ames Amateur FTC Derby Stake Results

Ames Amateur Derby winners:
1st -Small’s White Charger-Mike Small
2nd-Como Thunder-David Russell
3rd-River City Blackhawk-Kent Walker

Many thanks to our judges Brad Kennedy and Jeremy Taylor and to our sponsor Sportsman’s Pride! #sportsmanpride

Ames Amateur All-Age Stake Results

Ames Amateur All Age winners:

1st-Misty Morn Masked Man-o/h Joey McAlexander

2nd-Touch’s Grey Street-o/h Keith Wright

3rd- Coldwater Paradise -o/h Gary McKibben

Thanks to our judges Scott Little and Ross Leonard and to our generous sponsor Sportsman’s Pride Dog Food Company (Brad Kennedy)


Due to rain delay the companion derby stake will begin 8am Friday morning.

West Tennessee FTC drawing info

One week from today is the drawing for the West Tennessee FTC’s amateur trial. Make sure to contact Bill Currie with your entries

National Championship Qualifying trials are Camp Robinson

Two upcoming National Quailfying trials at Camp Robinson WMA, Mayflower, AR. Contact Dr. Fred Corder with your entries prior to the Jan. 2nd drawing

Ames Amateur running order

Ames Amateur Field Trial Running order. Trial will begin with All-Age stake on Monday, December 28th at 8 am. Good luck to all the contenders!

MidSouth FTC Amateur Trial running order

MidSouth Field Trial Club’s Amateur Field Trial begins at 8am Thursday with the All-Age Stake, followed by the Derby Stake, and then the Shooting Dog Stake. Trial is being held at Hell Creek WMA in Blue Mountain, MS.

Mid-South Field Trial Association Drawing info

Just a friendly reminder that the Mid-South Association Amateur Field Trial drawing is on Tuesday, December 15th at 7 pm. Please contact Kent Walker with your entries!

Region 6 AA Championship Update

Judicial Change – Scott Little will be replacing judge Donnie Duckworth for the Region 6 Amateur All- Age Championship. On the evening of Monday, December 7th, Mr. Duckworth communicated that he would not be able to fulfill his judging duties due to a health issue.

Lisa C, Little, Region 6 Secretary