Region 6 Field Trial

Memphis Amateur FTC All-Age stake delayed

The Memphis Amateur FTC All-Age stake will be delayed until 1 pm on Saturday, Jan. 18th due to expected heavy rainfalls tonight through tomorrow morning

Virgil Beasley Classic running order

Virgil Beasley Classic Shooting Dog and Derby Stakes running order. Trial begins at 7:30 am on Friday.

Memphis Amateur FTC running order

Trial begins on Thursday at 1 pm with the Shooting Dog stake

Hobart Ames Memorial Classic running order

All-Age will begin on Monday, January 13th followed by the derby stake

Virgil Beasley Sr. amateur Shooting Dog Classic drawing info

The Virgil Beasley Sr. Memorial amateur Shooting Dog Classic will be held at Percy Priest WMA next weekend. The drawing will be held Tuesday, Jan. 14th at 8 pm (EST). Contact Derek Bonner with your entries

Memphis Amateur Drawing Info

The Memphis Amateur FTC will host an amateur trial next weekend at the Peterson, Powers, and Weaver Farms. Contact Kent Walker with your entries. Drawing is Tuesday, January 14th at 7 pm

West TN FTC Amateur Shooting Dog Placements

West Tennessee Amateur Trial Shooting Dog placements. Congrats to the winners.
1st – Prime Passsion Lane, o/h Brian Peterson
2nd – Lester’s Top Recruit, o/h Lance Servais
3rd – Southern Shadows T-Rex, o/h Lance Servais